Registrations Now Open

Registrations for the 2023 ORC European Championships are now open, the Royal Malta Yacht Club and the Offshore Racing Congress announced.

The ORC European Championships are open to all boats with a valid ORC International Certificate with a CDL between 8.300 and 16.400 included.


The floatation date on an ORC International Certificate shall not be earlier than the 28 April 2018


Classes* are defined by the CDL, and the minimum and maximum number of entries as follows:

Class A:  16.400 ≥ CDL > 11.610

Class B: 11.610 ≥ CDL > 9.780

Class C: 9.780 ≥ CDL > 8.300 

Note: CDL limits are based on 2022 ORC VPP and may be updated when the 2023 ORC VPP becomes available.


How to Register

Click on the Register button on the home page.

Select your competition details, including Class, Boat Name etc.

Click on Proceed

Create your login details which will enable you to access your account. 

Make sure to take note of the password created.

Click on Start Registration

In this section, entrants can enter/edit details relating to their boat and crew.

Entry can be submitted as pending entry or one can proceed to payment

The Payment page will show the amount required to be paid based on the entry class selected.

Payments are to be mad via Bank transfer with the details provided on the page.  

To complete the entry click on Place order.

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